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Champion Training Future Champions


Level 38 Training Academy

Defensive Back - Life Skills - Game IQ Training



Our Purpose:

You will learn how to play “Faster and Smarter” football but more importantly, you will be taught principals of living a successful life on and off the field. I’ve started 12 years in the NFL with over 11,500 snaps of professional football at it’s highest level and have learned a lot of tricks to the trade. The game doesn’t change, only the athlete. I've seen the highs and lows of being a top notch athlete. I know how to overcome adversity. I know how to maintain success, so come train with a CHAMPION and let’s take your game to the next level.

Our Commitment:


I’m a player's coach that still actively works out and is very passionate about helping others maximize their gifts.
You will learn the “Slot and Outside Corner” techniques that I used to cover quick, fast and tall receivers. I will also share some elite tips that made me a successful punt returner during my collegiate and professional career.
I’ve made over 500 tackles as a professional athlete in the NFL and will teach you some of the tips that kept me physically and mentally healthy during my 14 year career. There will be chalk talk sessions during training.

Our Motto:


“The student is only as good as the teacher and the teacher is only as good as their knowledge and experience” 




Middle School and High School ( Freshmen, Sophomore, Juniors) Training


This defensive back and speed training is designed to build the foundation of young corners and safeties mentally and physically.  Go from ordinary to extraordinary on and off the field.


Senior High Schoolers, Collegiate and Professional Athletes:

This elite defensive back and speed training is designed to polish the physical skills on and off the field and increase the knowledge of different coverages and techniques. 

       ***Virtual Training available***


Location:   Marietta, Georgia and LaGrange, Georgia     

Date:    Sundays               







You must have a signed waiver to participate in training 

print, sign, bring waiver.     


 ZELLE payment is also accepted: 404.805.6636


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